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Getting To Know Our Team – VICKY CROSBY

At Crosby HR we are a tight team of existing or aspiring professionals, looking to support our clients in the best way possible whilst still working in a fun and exciting environment.

Owner of the business, Vicky Crosby, has 24 years experience within HR and has ran her own HR Consultancy businesses for 8 years, having spent 16 years working for a global blue chip company.

Here we learn some more about her and her thoughts around the business.

Tell us about your role at Crosby HR

As Managing Director and Owner of Crosby HR its my role to lead and develop the business, ensuring that as a collective team we are giving fantastic service to our many clients.   From setting our overall vision,  strategy and objectives to leading and developing the team,  finance, marketing, sales and acting as to lead person on most of our contracts I have to be able to cover it all.

What led you to create Crosby HR?

Having worked in the corporate world for 16 years I wanted a) more flexibility in my life and a better work life balance plus b) wanted to ensure that smaller businesses had access to an excellent HR service too.  They are very often too small or lack the finances to employ their own HR professional and that is where we can fill the gap!

What’s your favorite aspect of your job at Crosby HR?

I love seeing my team develop and grow, not only in terms of skills and experience but also with their confidence.   I also love the hands on aspect of supporting clients and working closely with them.  Seeing or sensing their relief when we remove or reduce their stress is fantastic and we do that by listening, working quickly, being very pragmatic and commercially focused.

How has working at Crosby HR helped you grow in your career?

I already had a very successful career, operating at board level within a global blue chip company and was fully qualified before I opened my own business.   I would therefore say that opening Crosby HR has given me a better appreciation of the difficulties SMEs face plus I’ve learned a lot of new skills having to run my own business!

Tell us something about yourself that may surprise people?

I have 5 gorgeous grandchildren,  becoming a Nanna for the first time when I was just 32.

What’s your advice for people looking to improve or introduce HR within the business?

Please recognise that HR is a profession, it isn’t just something you can tag onto your finance person,  receptionist or an admin / office manager. We train for years,  have a professional body and have degree level qualifications to pass in order to work within our field. You wouldn’t ask your receptionist to suddenly start delivering P&Ls, cash flow forecasts etc so why do small businesses think they can do that with their most important assets – their employees?

Using an outsourced service is a cost effective solution backed by professionals, who can add true value and experience to your business. With us you get Director level support, and access to a total team of 6, starting from less than £1k per year dependent upon the company size – it’s a no brainer 🙂  So take the time to get a reliable service provider that’s truly going to work in partnership with you, which is obviously Crosby HR.

Crosby HR

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