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Sticking to the Healthy Eating Resolution whilst at work


As it’s the start of a new year, we know that for a lot of people in the UK, there will have been new year’s resolutions and promises made to eat better and feel healthier this year. But this can be hard to maintain whilst at work. 


The benefits of a healthy diet aren’t just long term, it’s widely known that a healthy diet really can help with day to day productivity and concentration, as well as the ‘feel-good factor’ it has on your mood.


Let’s face it, the dark mornings as we get up and travel to work and the dark nights we have traveling home at this time of year, make any resolution tough to stick to. But eating healthily is often the first thing to go when time is at a premium and the work routine is almost forgotten about after our break for the holiday season. 


So here are some healthy eating habits that really can help you whilst at work;


Don’t Forget, Breakfast!

Breakfast has a significant impact on how your body works throughout the day. One study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2012 suggested that a low-glycemic breakfast enhances memory, mood, focus and attention.

Low-fat yoghurt with fruit or a vegetable omelette are just some examples of low-glycemic breakfasts.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water is probably one of the best things you can do throughout the day on a regular basis when trying to stick to a healthy diet. 

Not only will drinking water significantly improve your mood, but it actually increases your metabolism by 10/30% but it is also understood, that due to the way our eating habits have changed in the modern world, our brains understanding between hunger and thirst are slightly confused, and in actual fact, although it may be hunger we are feeling, a glass of cold water maybe what we are in need of. 

Bring Snacks and Plan for tomorrow! 

By accepting and anticipating that you will get hungry throughout the day as you change your diet, you are reducing the chances of slipping up. 

Bring with you to work, an apple, tangerine or a banana so you can snack on something healthy, rather than a trip to the vending machine, shop or snack draw!  


Also, plan and make tomorrow’s lunch the night before! By doing this you can simply grab it out of the fridge on your way to work, rather than rushing round in the morning when you are most likely to forget to make it, or end up just telling yourself you will pick something up from the shop at lunch.

Shops are full of temptation and after dealing with your morning workload, this temptation is only going to be greater!


Keep a Food Diary

Like all things in life, if we do not keep track how do we know we are performing well? 

A food diary, not only helps to monitor what is going into your body but it also has positive psychological impacts on eating healthy. Firstly, you have to consciously think about logging any ‘bad foods’ you are thinking of consuming, therefore giving yourself more time to think about if it’s what you really want to do, taking away the impulsive decision.

Secondly, you get to see ‘how good you have been’ over the last few days/weeks/months, again making it less likely you’ll slip up as you won’t want to undo any of the hard work.  

To have and maintain a healthier diet is not an easy task to start out with, it does take some significant changes to your ‘normal’ day to day routine, however, the positive impacts that come from this make it well worth the initial disruption. With all routine changes, after a few weeks, this will become your routine and will no longer feel challenging, it will just feel normal.

If you would like any more help or support on how to improve your health and wellbeing then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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